In purchasing Cosmetic Contact Lenses with Ablush Lingerie & Costumes you are agreeing to the following.
You understand that coloured eye accessories are not for use by any persons
who suffer/are suffering from:
● Any eye infections (e.g. Conjunctivitis)
● Any corneal condition (e.g. Keratitis)
● Any allergic eye conditions (e.g. Hay fever)
● Any chronic eye conditions (e.g. Glaucoma)
You confirm that you will use these Colour Eye Accessories for cosmetic
colour change purposes only.
You have been advised to immediately remove your Colour Eye Accessories if
you experience any undue irritation, discomfort, excess watering, redness
or inflammation of the eye.
You will adhere to the “How to use and care for your Eye Fusion eye accessories”
instruction leaflet which gives you guidance on the safe wear, removal and care for
your new colour eye accessories which will be enclosed with your purchased lenses. 
Further copies of our guidance leaflet can be found on our website or available on request.
You understand the need for regular periodic check-ups with an Eye Care
Practitioner, Optician or Optical Dispenser to maintain good ocular health.
You are over the age of 16 and understand that you should consult an Optician,
Optical Dispenser or Medical Practitioner prior to using these coloured eye
accessories, or if you have any doubts about the suitability of these eye
You understand and acknowledge that your Colour Eye Accessories are not
classified as a medical device.
You confirm all statements above to be true and accurate.
Sclera: Sclera Accessories should never been worn more than 4 hours per
day. Never drive in this product.
Blind: Please note that due to the style of these eye accessories and how
they cover the pupil, they offer only 20% vision. You will not be able to see
clearly out of these accessories. Do not wear these while performing any
tasks that require clear vision.
If you are in any doubt whatsoever as to whether these coloured eye
accessories are suitable for you, you must not purchase them and consult
your Optician, Eye Care Practitioner or Medical Practitioner.
You also confirm that you should NOT:
● Share these eye accessories, as this cause eye infections
● Sleep whilst wearing these eye accessories
● Wash your eyes with water whilst wearing these eye accessories
● Wear these eye accessories for longer than 8 hours at any one time.


If purchasing lenses other than daily/single use we recommend purchasing the Edit Eye Care Solution All In One which contains solution and storage pods.